Wednesday, March 10, 2010

embellishment option

When I finished Annika's bag I decided to try making a large matching flower like the little ones Becca and I made last week for another project. I'll try to figure out how it could be attached and removed at will.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Frenchy Bag #2

This one is for Annika and it may double as a diaper bag! I sewed compartments for bottle, wipes, etc. This one went much easier as I knew what to expect. I took it over to show Agnes Leer who is the ultimate creative woman. She has made beautiful quilts, hardangar, cross name it, all her life. I explained to her that the last step wasn't up to 4-H standards ( the stitching was showing inside the lining), she said "so don't show it to your 4-H leader".

Well, my sewing leader was my Mom who taught many girls how to sew and she would be happy to see that I am enjoying sewing for my girls. I have one Frenchy Bag to go..for daughter in law Stephanie. It's sure nice to have 3 daughters!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

frenchy bag

I came for a few days to visit Becca in Omaha and we decided to make a Frenchy Bag that Annika had found the pattern for. Becca picked out this great fabric and I spent the day sewing (with Toonces!) while she was at work.

This fabric at the top of the bag looks like newsprint. It says words like simple with their definitions. There is a magnetic snap that fastens the bag shut, and I am pretty sure I utilized every cell in my brain to figure out how to attach these snaps to each side. Turns out I needed to make eighth of an inch button holes!